Hello everyone and welcome to the game. First I would like to get the starting info block out of the way. Refer to this if you are just starting with us:

Setting rules

Pathfinder 3.5 (Current)
Starting exp: Lv 4
Race: Core only. No Featured or Monstrous Races.
Ability Scores: 25 point buy (Epic Fantasy)
Gp: 3,000
Traits: 2
Equipment: No Intelligent weapons @ start (Blade Bound Magus are excluded from this rule).

You may pick ONE +1 weapon or armor with which your character is proficient and add that to your inventory for free. This item may not have any special abilities other than +1. You may substitute this item for Mithril Shirt, Elven chain, or a Mithril one-handed weapon.

One free Light Horse given at character creation.

ClassNo more gunslinger’s allowed. No Amature gunslinger feat allowed.
Alignment: Any. Evil characters beware, party removal via expulsion or death will require you to make a new character.

House Rules: Most of these are still flexible and will remain so throughout the game;

Encumbrance: Tracked.

Weapon/armor damage and hardness will be tracked. Fear not, there are invulnerable items available! Magic items +4 and above are considered to have this trait.

Negative Levels: Only effect current HD, ability scores, and spells per day. Skill points are not effected. Feats falling out of requirements due to negative levels are locked until the parameters are met again, but not lost.


The borders of Taldor and Cheliax are smoldering in the aftermath of the recent skirmishes. Cheliax, in a move for expansion, struck out against these lands in a war lasting many years called the Everwar. The fighting was supposed to be over and the Chelish empire began to settle into their newly aquired land. The annex did not go as planned though as the settling party has not been heard from in two weeks. Taldor claims no responsibility, if any attack was indeed launched, but the Chelish empire has began to march again toward Taldor and Andoran lands with murder in their hearts. In an attempt to discover what has transpired Taldor’s King Arnoll hires a group of mercenaries to investigate…

Additional rules

Back-up Character required! You must have two characters ready. Pick one as your main, and the other will be if your first dies during gameplay. There will be opportunities for resurrection later, but it’s still a bit early for it so come prepared.

I’ve been doing some brainstorming with regards to several rules in the pathfinder system. Like many of you I have some major issues with the way things work with regards to certain feats and even regular actions. Below are the ones I will be implementing starting now. This may fluctuate with party feedback and gameplay. Please keep a saved copy of this email!

Healing potion edit – Drinking a healing type (CURE) potion can now be preformed as a move action, or as part of a move action. You may not drink a potion while taking a 5 foot step, charging, withdrawing, or tumbling. Drinking a potion still provokes attacks of opportunity. The potion must be within reach and not in your backpack or bag-of-holding . If it is, then it still takes a standard action (or the normal time for your character, whichever is fastest). A wrist sheath can be modified to hold one potion. Or you can carry up to 5 potions in a belt pouch. Keep in mind that these use up the bracer and belt slots (respectively). It is possible to forge or craft other items for this purpose (like a bandolier).

Weapon Finesse rules edit – The longsword (mithral), *Katana (mithral), Wakizashi, and Naginata are now considered finesse weapons for the purpose of applying this feat. These weapons MUST be in your PRIMARY hand to apply the feat. You must have the appropriate feat(s) and ability score to use these weapons and apply the Weapon Finesse feat, respectively. *You must possess Exotic weapon proficiency (Katana) or possess at least one level in Samurai to apply Weapon Finesse to the katana.

Monk edit – The monk may use the Katana as a martial weapon, but cannot wield it one handed unless he has the appropriate feat. The Katana is NOT a monk weapon and cannot be used with Flurry of Blows. The Monk automatically gains “Fast Healer” at level 5, even if he does not meet the requirements for it.

Channel healing edit – The Cleric and Druid classes may apply the Quickened Spell Metamagic feat to their channel ability, for the sole purpose of healing, once per day for every 3 levels they possess in either class. They must have the Quicken Spell Metamagic feat in order to use this ability. A channel used in this way does not damage creatures normally damaged by positive or negative energy (whichever is used), nor does this trigger any associated channel effects other than those that heal HP. You may not use this ability to channel twice in one round.

Weapon focus edit – Weapon Focus (pistol) and Weapon Focus (Musket) now apply to all versions of these weapons in that era (primitive and advanced weapons are different), respectively. Thus a single barreled pistol receives the same benefit as a double barreled variant, etc.

Firearms edit – Only a Gunslinger may have access to firearm related feats, with the sole exception of Craft skills and repair checks. A player character with at least one level in Gunslinger may teach another character to use firearms. At the beginning of that character’s next Level-Up step, they may elect to take a level in Gunslinger. Characters that do so may then go on to perfect the ways of the gun without further instruction. If, at that point, they do not take a level in Gunslinger, then the training they underwent is wasted.

OK that about sums it up for now. Some additional information for you all though. Since you will all be traveling quite a bit for the majority of the game I will be including a free Light Horse as a mount for each character. Take care of your horsies lads, because if they die then you are paying for the replacements :)

Everwar Redemption 2