Everwar Redemption 2

Game one - Sharp Dressed Dwarf
Everwar, Taldor, Cheliax, Pathfinder

The party met up at the local tavern in Oppara, where the tap flows like a river of beer that never goes dry. The Longbeards were playing ‘Sharp Dressed Dwarf’ and many wenches where about. One in particular was a traveling warrior by the name of Felline. She warned Valonne not to take up the mercenary contract being offered by the Taldor government. But that’s precisely what he and his new mates, Perndam and (Jeremy, I never know your characters name XD )did. After a rather lengthy interview process…. the party was given the gritty details of their assignment. A foul magic has taken hold of the lands in the Sellen River Valley, Cassomir is in Peril of being wiped off the map by legions of the undead. They are to find the root of this evil, and snuff it from existence. Afterwards, they need to find out what has become of the Migratory warriors of Taldor, nearest patrolling Fort Almas region. For the completion of this task, 20,000Gp will be rewarded.

The castle armory is very helpful in supplying some silver blanching, a healing wand, and three light horses (although it is likely to be deducted from the finally tally of their reward). Saddled up, they hit the road. It is a mighty trek, nearly 200 miles and takes them almost two weeks to reach Cassomir. In this time they run across several zombies along the road, and a huge shrieking bird-like creature assaults them in the middle of the night, although it never directly attacks and eventually moves on to other prey…

Finally reaching Cassomir they were greeted by some rather dim-witted barbarians, guarding the city entrance. Felline greets them yet again and takes them to meet with the Moath tribe shaman, Patru. Felline explains the situation which brought her and her people inside the city walls. Several weeks ago they were coerced through fear and bloodshed into providing “cattle” to an Undead creature by the name of Lord Criddgar. Cattle, is a reference used by Vampires to point out that humans are merely their blood-slaves. Even after the initial cattle were sent as he requested, he continued to demand more – until the village elder decided to say no. At which point Criddgar’s forces descended onto the Moath camp with a murderous furry. Many warriors were lost during the battle, and as a result they were forced to move south into the deserted city of Cassomir. They believed it would be more defensible, but in fact it brought them closer to the source of evil than ever. Cassomir’s Keep has apparently become Criddgar’s base of operation. A dark fog surrounds the perimeter, and any whom have dare enter it are rapidly aged to death.

Felline explains that the Shaman knows how to disable the enchantment, but that three words of power are needed to do so. These ancient words are actually entire spells – made real by powerful long-forgotten deities. Criddgar has apparently already learned of the Moath’s plan, and tries to silence Patru with two of his elite Skeletal Minions; Torgal and Pling. These creatures actions are thwarted by the party, who swiftly dispatch of the two bone-heads.

Patru then entrusts Valonne with the word of power, after informing them of what they must do next. There are still two more words to discover Each one of them is to bear one of these words, until the final moment when they would speak them in unison to undo Criddgar’s magic. Felline talks with the party further, after inquiring her where the next piece might be. With a dark expression she reluctantly tells them of a being known as Mokarath, that would certainly have possession of one of these empowered words. It is not clear on who or what Mokarath is, only that provoking him was not in the best interests of the parties well-being.

Armed with this new knowledge, the party heads off for Mokarath’s lair. It is a dank, dark, and dreary place. It’s entrance, they find, is located at the mouth of a large swamplands, just a few miles north of Cassomir. A score of ancient dead warriors bodies are strewn about the mouth of the cave, one is even hung by it’s skeletal leg. A clear warning to “Stay Out”, but not keen on taking warnings, the party bravely ventures into the abyss. After encountering several enemies, including a yukalali-weilding zombie, a tankard weilding-bartender (lesser) ghoul, a wight, and two skeleton champoins, the party calls it a break.

Until next time folks!

Items acquired: x2 Breastplate, x1 Mstwrk Chainmail, x1 Mstwrk Spiked Chain, x1 Composite Shortbow (2 STR), x3 Silver Brazing, x 3 Light Horse, x1 Wand of cure light wounds (48/50), Ring of Protection +1, Mstwrk Gladius, x2 Greatsword, x1 Studded leather armor (1)
XP: x3 zombies, area WAGON, XP 160; x2 NPC Rogue/Skeleton Champions, Area BAR-FIGHT, XP 800; x4 Zombies (assorted), area ZOMBIE DANCE PARTY, XP 200; x1 (lesser) Wight, x2 Skeleton Champions (lv2), area ENCOUNTER 1, XP 2,200. Total: 3360XP/character

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